When analysing narratives, whether they are classified as “disinformation” or not, it is imperative to take into consideration the complexity of the contemporary, multi-issue, multi-lingual, multi-platform, and multi-cultural European public sphere. To ensure that representativeness, the NODES consortium will analyse the most common narratives spreading on both traditional and digital media within three different topics (COVID-19 Vaccination, Migration and Climate Change) and in four languages (English, French, Polish and Spanish).

NODES aims to develop and critically assess a novel large-scale mechanism to analyse and monitor the origin, development and spread of narratives classified as “disinformation”. It also aims to provide quantitative and qualitative data on the narrative approach to disinformation, including the implementation of the Narrative Methodology, recommendations for future policy action and novel practices for practitioners in the field. To do so, the NODES consortium brings together lead researchers from key areas to ensure the representativeness of the project.

Nodes' main researchers are: